See List Of Top Car Insurance Companies In USA

Knowing that you have chosen a good car insurance company, you do not know whether you can avoid the loss of the car with the help of your insurance, having your vehicle stolen or having any mischief. You also do not know whether your car insurance provider is right or not.

This list covers the top ten best car insurance companies in the US which offers the highest capacity, services. These are the biggest companies. If you want to avoid loss of car accident and you are looking for a good insurance for yourself, then you can learn about the good companies from here. You will find all the information about companies here.

    1. Liberty Mutual Insurance Company: Liberty Mutual Insurance Company established in 1912. This company caters to all the needs of its customers and also provides low rate insurance for its customers. It is a direct premium based company, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and now it has become a U.S. Third largest insurer.
    1. Esurance Company: Assurance Company is a company of insurance and It was established in 1999. Assurance Company is an American company which provides the best insurance. It also provides insurance to its customers, including auto insurance, home insurance, motorcycle insurance and many other types of insurance online. In 2011, the Allstate Company bought it. Allstate Company is also a very big insurance company. Assurance is now a subsidiary of Allstate Company.
    2. Allstate Company: Allstate Company is an insurance company that insures over 16 million households in the United States. This company was established in 1931 and today it has been more than 80 years. It provides insurance to its customers at a lower rate. It became a publicly traded company in 1993. Along with this, its name was also written in the New York Stock Exchange.
  1. State Farm Company: The State Farm Company established in 1922 and it was founded by retired farmer and insurance salesman, George Yakub “JJ”. This company insures cars and houses more than other companies and it is ranked 35th in the list of largest companies.
  2. Progressive Company: Progressive company is a US auto insurance company and it is one of the largest insurance companies in the United States. But it also provides home insurance through some companies.
  3. GEICO Company: GEICO Company is a US auto insurance company whose headquarters is located in Maryland. This company is second to the state-owned company after State Farm insurance company.
  4. USAA Association: